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Black Oxidizing Stainless Steel

Jordan Hunt

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Hey guys, got a question that I need an answer to, and thought you guys would be my best option. I'm wanting to try and put a black oxide finish on stainless steel, the big golf companies do it on putter which are stainless, just wondering an easy in-house way of doing it?




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I bet that black oxide is actually Cerakote or some other baked-on finish.  Stainless being, well, stainless, that's probably the best homebrew method for a finished piece.  The other way, useful only for rough forgings, is to leave it as-forged and oil it.  The scale will turn black.  Obviously you can't do this to a finished blade.  

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Hey Alan, little back story, I run a PGA training facility here in Paducah, KY and we're wanting to cut out the corporations that do refinish work on golf putters, I blacksmith and bladesmith as a hobby and thought heck I think I can do this. The finish were looking at is similar to this:

Is this a bake on in your opinion or a hot oxide finish?

images (1).jpeg

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