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Cawood sword, finished work

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At last, I was able to finish my first medieval sword ...
The work was artisanal in its entirety, the steel I used was the 5160, in total I took two sheets, the first, after being forged, and carved the phrases on both sides and made the TT discard it as it appeared a small microcrack , that was an important blow, because I was about to abandon the task, but after a few days I started the second sheet from virgin steel, the forge integrates, forge the hammer channel and chisel again all the letters and symbols as They are in the original, taking into account the length, width and above all, the weight and the center of gravity.
For the guard and the knob use low carbon steel, recycled bolts of elastic in disuse, also for this I guided by the measurements of the original and images of it, even leave a small difference between an arm and another of the original's guard.
For the grip there if I played a bit, the original sword does not have it, then surfing the internet, I found other replicas of this sword, but they did not convince me, so I chose to use materials that were available at that time and that could have been in this sword, for that reason use deer horn for the hilt and leather to cover it, leaving a part visible polished, which gives it an aspect if you want original.
And finally the pod, another great challenge, it is made of quiri wood, inside it has a sea cloth because unfortunately I could not get leather, lined in leather in its entirety, sewn by hand (almost 300 holes one by one with a punzon), and with the pin under the leather, that until last moment I did not decide, but finding out and asking, I chose to leave it as seen. Then came the hardware, which I completely forge, looking for models that are consistent with the time.
In short, the sword as a whole try to be aesthetically and functionally as close to the original, that is realistic, do not look for beauty, first because it does not give me the leather, and second, because this sword is like that, basic, beautiful and simple ...
I hope you like it, in it I put the best of my






















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Thank you! I really did not know how to approach the issue of the buckles, I wanted the sword to look genuine of its time, investigate styles corresponding to the country and the era to which it belonged and opt for those models, basic and truth that were very functional and comfortable
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