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First Axe. Mixed Damascus

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The first Axe I’ve ever attempted, fresh out of the etch. Mixed Damascus: 1.25” Cable, and random pattern, forge-welded together. Random is a mix of bold and fine layers (got the idea by reading opinions on how some like bold low count layers sometimes, and I like higher layer counts, why not both?) I had originally planned on grinding it really clean, just leaving a hint of cable on the eye. However as I was going I decided I liked the look with a few pits/surface inclusions left on there. I think I may enjoy doing axes. Now I just need to figure out a handle?


Also first time using the large touchmark I got for Christmas last year  








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11 hours ago, Billy harex said:

... is it going to be for sale 

Not for sale, but thank you for asking. Its going to an Uncle that we all are fairly sure he is part Viking... The beard came out closer to the eye than I would have preferred. Next time I will cut the cable about 3-4 inches longer to push it out more.


I think Im going to cut and shape a handle from a large mesquite slab I have had laying around. maybe dress it up with some leather wrapping here or there... maybe not.

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Pattern is wicked, i love the shape of it, and that handle fits the flow of the whole thing quite well. Excellent work. How long is the edge? And the handle as well?

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