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RULES & INFORMATION... please read

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The Teacher Directory


1. What is this?

Basically many beginners and sometimes others too are looking for bladesmith who are willing to teach the craft, or on a regularr basis hold classes.

This forum should provide a central place where everyone who can teach, can be listed if he/she should want to do so.


2. How to get listed / Who qualifies?

You don't need to be a "full time teacher" or offer any classes at all... if you're simply willing to teach some techniques to those who drop by your shop it is ok to add your entry to this list.

Nor do you need to work as a full time bladesmith either.... it does not matter a bit :)

Realy, you just need enough experience and the will to teach the craft, that's it... welcome to the list.


INFO: You do not need to send me an E-mail or a PM to get listed.... just post and I will automatically get a message about a pending approval.

Sure, if you have any questions, just go ahead and contact me!


3. How does it work?

This forum is MODERATED, which means you can post your details, but they will not be displayd until approval by an administrator (me :) ). If there are any problems regarding your post, please let me know by PM or E-Mail...


4. Information

I don't want this to become a discussion place or something alike... it's only intention is to serve as a directory. NO REPLIES OR OFFTOPIC POSTS HERE... (again, this board is moderated, so all posts are being held for approval... but my time is not "unlimited" and I would not like to sort through ten "this is a good/bad teacher"-replies by other forumites).

The Reply function might be used ONLY be the creator of a Topic (eg. the "teacher") to add more information or class-schedules.

If you want to remove a reply (for example as the information is outdated), just send me a Message.

If you have questions for a listed teacher, CONTACT HIM/HER... not the BOARD!!!!


Well I ask of you some "self-concern" before you apply to be listed here.

- Have you been in the trade long enough to seriously qualify as a teacher?

(Well time can be relative, but you should be certain about what you do, experienced enough to know what you teach...)

- Is your shop and equipment fit to hold classes? (if you hold classes for more than one student at the same time)



Follow the GUIDELINES about Format and required data as presented below...

I will ONLY approve posts which go along with this standard... NO EXCEPTIONS.

I do not have the time, to edit, modify and structure each of the posts... I will simply remove a post if it is not according to this rules.


If you're offering scheduled classes, well you can add these information to the calendar and your post.


6. Required Data...

- Your full real name

(if you are "still" using an alias for the forum here, and want to be listed, it may be the right moment to ask me to change your alias-username to something related to your real name or business name)

- Contact Information

- Address

- What you Offer (eg. basic forging, damascus, japanese stuff, whatever)

- Other information (Things like the Type of "Service" you offer... Person-to-Person, Classes for HOW MANY Students, "Drop-By-and-Learn", special requirements...)



7. listing format

Basically the format of the listing is like this:

Topic Title: [Countrycode] (two/three letters) [state] (two letters) [Your Name + Company name]

Subtitle: [short Description of what is being offered]

Content: [Detail information]



Topic Titile: CH / ZH - Daniel Gentile (RONIN Custom Knives)

Subtitle: Beginner classes, Patternwelding, trad. jap. blades

Content: Daniel Gentile, ADDRESS




NO PRICING INFO.... I will not list any money-related information on this forum... WHY? I don't want to generate some competition here... it's just directory.

If you want to offer such information to the public, well post them to your website.

No Pricing info... well with one exception... if you're offering your services for FREE :)

should this be so, you can mention this, but think twice, it will be likely that your shop will be quite crowded :lol:



8. Sorting order?

The list will be sorted alphabetically by the topic's title... not by the date of an entry. (A...Z)

Basically it will be sorted first by country, then by state followed by the bladesmiths name.

Kind of fair... I guess.



9. Finding a teacher in a specific area?

One of the goals, should this list gros large one day (which I hope) is to have a simple tool to find teachers in a specific area...

to do so use the search function and limit the search to the "Teacher Directory"...

now in the Search field enter "US / AZ" to find teachers in Arizona, USA.

Simple but effective :)



10. Complaints

Now I understand this can be a difficult issue.

What to do if you encounter real problems with a teacher listed in this directory, if you for example find that this person really rips you off, or his/hers knowledge is too limited to qualify for what he/she has been listed here on the board?

Well the forum is "closed" exactly for this matter... there should be neither praise, nor complaints listed "public". We are all civilized and I would like to solve such matters in a discreet way.

What to do? Send me a PM or an E-Mail.

Be specific about the complaints... Think about what you are complaining about. I mean if your difficulties with a "teacher" are of "personal" nature, eg. you don't like each other or do not like the way someone teaches... well then I will/can not do anything. In such a case I recommend you to discuss this with the "teacher", after all there are guys you like and some you don't.... it's human.

But if your complaints are of "true" nature, meaning someone ripped you off, or his knowledge/experience if really inadequate, or his shop lacks even the most basic tools, or he/she promises something quite different to what is being offered in reality.... do not hesitate to contact me and I will see what can be done, civilized :)



11. Quality Control

If you want to be listed, just add your own post to the list... basically that posting will be invisible until I have approved it. Approving it? Well I just check whether all req. data is there and see if there's any info about you... so nothing scary :)

There is NO guarantee that you will be listed. Usually if your data is correct, and you seem qualified to teach, there is no reason why you should not be listed.


I will remove entries when I get serious, honest complaints (but not without informing you first hand, and listening to your side of the story too).


Please understand, this is only a measure to get some "quality" control to this listing.

I bet you would for example mind it too, should you take some classes only to find out that the teacher has actually almost no practical expereince or is simply not capable to explain what he's doing.

The decision made by the Administrators is final.




12. Last words :)

Well I hope that this forum will help all those who actually search for classes or private teachings.

And that it helps to generate more income to those who are willing to give their time and knowledge to new students.



Any questions, contact me!

FERRUM - Daniel Gentile

custom knives & forging classes


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