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Forge Lining Question

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I'm sure this has been discussed to death here, but I haven't been able to find an answer, so I am punting...

I'm building a new forge.  I'm following pretty much the same approach I did with the last one 4 years ago (Which is pretty much the design Wayne Coe promotes on his site), but am using an old forklift propane tank in an effort to get a couple more inches of welding heat length.

Anyway, the forge  body is cut out, and I got it lined with 2" of ceramic fiber over the weekend.  The next step is to cast a Mizzou floor, and a thin coating of Mizzou over the walls.

So, my question is:  Is there any value in using a rigidizer before I cast in the Mizzou?  I have the refractory on hand, but will have to wait a week for the rigidizer to arrive.  I'd kind of like to get to coating the wool now if possible.

The only thing I have thought of in favor of the rigidizer is that it may keep the fibers in place when I inevitably poke a hole in the castable lining some day.

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I use a cast mizzou floor and several satanite coatings on the kaowool myself

and patch the satanite when needed, might try mizzou on the walls now........

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