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Two little ones

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I started the handle for one of them tonight.

First I copy the drawing, cut the handle portion out and superglue it to a piece of sheet stock for the frame. Then I cut out the frame and rough grind (220 grit) the profile.

1 pattern.JPG

Then I surface the scales so both sides are parallel and layout the scale orientation.

2 surface scales.JPG

3 scales.JPG

Scribe the frame to the scales and cut out the pieces.

4 scribe scales.JPG

Mark the pin holes and drill them.

5 mark pins.JPG

6 Drill pins.JPG

Cut out the tang slot and fit it snug.

6 Fit tang.JPG

Scribe the scales for the tang relief and hollow the area out.

7 Hollow out scales.JPG

Fit the pins through the frame to one scale and grind/sand/file them down so they will fit into the other scale. Get a nice tight fit. These are now ready to blind pin the spacer to and profile.

8 Frame fit.JPG

9 Tight fit.JPG

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Before I profile the scales, I blacken the edge of the frame so I can see when I get down to it. put the other scale on and profile to 200 grit or better on the 2x72. Hand sand the profile to 400.


Then I mount the spacer package with blind pins to the handle scales and scribe the rough shape of the handle to the spacer package. I pin the spacer package to a piece of 1/4" MDF board and rough cut the spacers on the bandsaw.


The general shape is then refined on the 9 inch disc sander to 400 grit. Once the shaping is done, I start to file work the frame.




The guard is the last thing I do. I assemble the entire handle onto the knife and scribe the spacer to the guard. This shot is the second time to refine the guard shape. The guard is also shaped on the 2x72 using a Trizac A45 gator belt and then an A45 regular belt.


Hand sand the edges of the guard and buff.



The handle (without the guard is assembled and buffed out before glue-up. The scales are hollowed out to accept glue around the frame and deep into the heel area.


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The burl from any of the good handle woods always seems to "lift" the presentation visual to the next level

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