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First Locking Folder

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I posted a picture of the blade a few days ago in another forum, and now I've completed the handle to go with it. It's my first attempt at a folding knife, and it functions as well as I have hoped it would.

That said, the blade's a little shot for the handle, it could've easily been half an inch shorter. Grind lines on the blade weren't perfectly symmetrical (one side's noticeably straighter than the other). The internal parts I felt could've been shaped and placed better, but what's there works. I had to make some last minute adjustments, mainly that the original spring was supposed to be straight, but would bend too far and not return to shape. I had to make another cut and another longer spring with a curve. I'm glad I went through with that, it cost me an extra day's work (I had to remake the scales as well, first ones broke) but the result was a much better spring and pieces that fit better together. I was close to saying "$%^& it close enough" at one point, but if I did the project would have ended in a disaster. It was definitely an interesting project and I've looked up some information to put towards my next one.

So I don't really have a question per say, just If anyone sees anything obvious I'm always open to advice.




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There’s a slight amount of play in it, and I mean just enough to notice, but it holds in place just fine. I haven’t torture tested it, but it’s solid with normal use. 

Most diagrams I’ve seen show a round notch, but a square would probably hold better now that you mention it. Fit would have to be near perfect. 

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