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USA / AZ - Tai Goo MFA

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Tai Goo, MFA



(520) 744-9777

Just outside Tucson Arizona




Qualifications: BFA (Bachelor of Fine Arts degree), MFA (Master of Fine Arts degree), 20 years private teaching experience, eight years public teaching experience at the college level and 27 years professional experience in bladesmithing and knifemaking.


Private day classes tailored to the individual, beginning through advanced. Classes are 5 hours each. I can usually schedule students at their convenience as long as I have an advance notice.


I recommend at least 2-3 days for beginners to cover the basics, #1. blade concept, #2. steel selection, #3. forging to shape, #4. normalizing, #5. descaling, #6. stock reduction, #7. hardening, #8. tempering, #9. finishing, and #10. sharpening.

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