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KITH 2019?

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KITH is about community and connection.  We are too far flung to be able to get together in person, but we can send a bit of ourselves out and get a bit of someone else in return.  Don't worry about y

One thing I love about the KITH on this forum is that you can drop out without any hard feelings. I suggest you just start, and if you really think your blade isn't good enough you can choose to drop

Friction folder, higonokami

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12 hours ago, Joshua States said:

I have both and the truth is, you "need" neither one.

The only thing I would use my mini mill for would be drilling the holes, and I know you can surface everything that needs surfacing on a granite slab. As long as you have a drill pres that drills true, and a surfacing slab, you can do this. 

For those of you who do not currently own a hunk of machinist granite, you can get by with a 12x12 Stone tile as long as it is filled, gauged, and honed.

I am well aware of that, and the Culver booklet does show how to do without.  I just don't want people to get discouraged and, for some reason, forgot to mention the above facts, so thanks! B) I have a decent drill press and a slab of granite countertop (hint: glue some 3/8" 70 durometer neoprene to the rough back and you have the perfect satin finishing plate too).  

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The book I have that I thought had a chapter on folders is called simple knife making but I was wrong. There isn't a chapter on making folders but there is a bonus template in the back of the book and it gives dimensions and where to drill holes so it is basically fool proof.

https://www.etsy.com/listing/571514253/simple-knifemaking-a-beginners-guide-to (these copies are autographed) 


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I have a really nice quartz counter top that broke when we are remodeling our kitchen and im going to get it cut up for surface plates....if anyone is interested I could have some cut into sizes that would fit in a flat rate shipping box.

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I'm in for EDC or folder. I've got a working model for an EDC cleaver blade. Could be a folder as well if that's the topic chosen.

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I didn't do a WIP, I just posted a couple of ones that I did.  The biggest issue I find is keeping the area around the pivot hole flat.  If it tapers, either front to back or top to bottom, you get a camming action.  But a file is good enough, or as people have suggested, a piece of stone.  Or a piece of glass or a ceramic floor tile.  I did a higo (japanese style friction folder) recently.  With those I use a slab of folded copper for the handle. The tang on those is kicked up just a bit so that it rests on the back of the handle, as opposed to sitting on a stop pin.  



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