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Source of free stainless pins

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Hello all,

I had salvaged some old, discarded computer printers as I wanted a motor etc for another project.

In dismantling the printers, i found that there were many steel (apparently stainless?) shafts. I have recovered a wide variety and presume these would work well for knife handles etc. The only obvious drawback to me is that you now have a load of rubbish plastic to discard.

As old printers are very easy to find, this might be a good option for those on a budget or with a recycling mindset.


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13 hours ago, Joël Mercier said:

Are they easy to file? I had bought a bunch of stainless pins that are used on RC models and they basically ruined one of my files.

Never tried. Just stumbled across them and since I know people use stainless pins at times, it occurred to me that this might be useful.
I have no knowledge of the variability in hardness/workability of stainless. But expect it is much harder to work with than the brass I have used.

Might give some a go in the future, but do dread the idea of filing them.

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Early years of my career IT people serviced printers.....very familiar with those shafts.

I've never taken a saw to one, but I wouldn't want to.....they are very hard. 

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