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First blades for the year

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It was /is new years day here today and I spent it in the shed getting a few blades ready for handles to have them ready to ship when I start trusting the mail services again for the year.



and a few for the ready drawer. 


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Here's the first thing I've forged in 2019. It's also the first metal I've moved under my new power hammer. It's not the prettiest blade I've forged, and I'll need to practice to get the "feel" of this hammer, but it took about half the time it would normally take, and my arm and shoulder didn't get sore :) . I've only used air hammers like Anyangs previously, and this hammer definitely has a different feel to it. Also, it seems that the run-on issue I was having goes away after the hammer warms up. 


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Getting the feel for new tools that increase our productivity or at least ease the physical input is a great way to start the year Jeff.


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