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15th Century Spanish Espada

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A while Back a  Mexican Pastor contacted me about a Bible themed sword.   There are tons of sword references in scripture, so  putting all of my themes together  this is what I came up with .   This is forged from a Strut coil ( I assume it's 5160)  Guard and pommel are cast Bronze . Amethyst cab in silver bezel, Scabbard is leather lined pine with red pigskin and brass mouth with leather and brass fittings.  I have spelling error in the pommel engraving which is a simple fix to change a J to a G (for those of you who may be grammar Nazis LOL )  Can you find all of the themed elements in this project?Espada in scabbard4.jpgEspada in scabbard 3.jpgEspada in scabbard 2.jpgEspada in scabbard 1.jpgEspada scabbard6.jpgFinished Espada 1.jpgFinished Espada 2.jpgFinished Espada 3.jpgespada4.jpgespada 3.jpgespada2.jpgEspada 1.jpgBlade forge 3.jpgBlade Forge 2.jpgBlade forge 1.jpgBlade Polish 3.jpgBlade polish 2.jpgBlade polish 1.jpgBlade polish 4.jpgGuardcast 1.jpgGuardcast 2.jpgGuard cast 3.jpgGuard cast 4.jpgGuard cast 5.jpgGuardfit 6.jpgGuard fit 34.jpgBlade etch 5.jpgBlade etch 4.jpgBlade etch 3.jpgBlade etch 1.jpgGuard work1.jpgGuard work 2.jpgGuardwork7.jpgGuardwork3.jpgGuardwork8.jpgEspada 2.jpgEspada guard 3.jpgEspada guard 5.jpg

Guardcast 7.jpg

Guard fit 5.jpg


Guard fit 2.jpg

Guard fit 1.jpg

Blade etch 2.jpg

Guardwork 4.jpg

espada hilt 3.jpg

espada hilt 2.jpg

Espada hilt 1.jpg

Espada guard 4.jpg

Espada guard1.jpg

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How many times did it take to get the perfect casting of the guard??


I think that looks awesome.

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Conner......Appears as though you've fought the casting monster too ! LOL  I THINK this was my 7th attempt. I originally planned on a knuckle bow, and the casting  just refused to cooperate. I finally did a simple  foam outline in sand with the quillions pointed down , instead of  lying flat. The metal seemed to gel before filling those finger loops when the mold was laid flat.  

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Jason... I really don't know LOL  all compressed together  I would estimate  about 240 hrs.  


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Lots of broken jeweler's saw blades too !

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Have to applaud the complexity and ambition of this piece! I remember when "El Cid" swords were about all there was commercially available. If you wanted any critique, I also struggle with layout of lettering and getting nice clean edges on pierced work, but having those details close to perfect makes a big difference. Laying out text electronically then transferring it helps for me, but I guess the rest is practice and time.  Great work and dedication!

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