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Pattern welded broken back long sax

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I have decided (almost remorsefully so) to sell this blade so I can afford to repair tooling and buy supplies to start the next project.  

I will post a link to the thread with pictures and some of the processes of its creation. 




I'm asking $550 plus shipping. I accept PayPal 


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Thanks Ryan! 

Its blade is about 21 1/2" long, around 1.5" wide, 1/4" thick at the handle, and 5/16" thick at the break of the spine, the handle is around 10" long. 

These are all measured by my eye except for blade length. I need to measure for exact specs on the rest. 

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I couldn't pass it up, I told Zeb that I fell in love with it right when I saw it! She'll be going to nice, loving home, so no worries!

I'll probably post some more pictures and maybe a video for two once I have it on me and have some time.

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Thanks John!

Yeah, I regret that decision. If I did it over, i would keep it. I got a lot of joy out of just holding it. Never used the money to start a new project either! I think Ryan likes it though! I'd buy it back if he didn't. 

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