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Damascus billet question

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Dearest bladesmithing bretheren,

I have a quick question and would greatly appreciate any wisdom you could offer - I prepared a billet of 15N20 and 1095 this afternoon and put it in the forge to soak. Just before it got up to welding temperature the gas bottle ran out.


My question is this; Will the billet be ok to re-heat and weld at a later date or will scale build up between the layers mean it's better to abandon it and start a fresh billet?





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I'm guessing you tacked it together with MIG first?  Have you been welding without flux, or was this fluxed?  If it was fluxed, it should be fine.  If not, it might be fine, might not.  I'd try it and see before scrapping it regardless.  

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Cheers Alan,

Aye, I'd tacked it together with stick weld and fluxed it with borax.

I'm pretty sure parts of it have already welded but judgong from the colour differences on cooling there are at least half a dozen pieces that aren't welded in yet.

Is it worth pulling these apart and grinding them clean or just crack on?


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