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USA / Vermont - J.Arthur Loose

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J.Arthur Loose

Central Vermont


802 583 1070

(9 AM - 9 PM EST)




I hold a BFA in Jewelry & Metalsmithing from Maine College of Art, class of '93, including multiple teaching-assistant positions. Since then I have taught classes at several craft schools & assisted with numerous public demonstrations.


I've taught Jewelry classes at Shelburne Craft School (Now Shelburne Art Center,) and I've taught multiple courses at Peter's Valley Craft School: Crafts of the Blade, Intro to Bladesmithing and Damascus Making.


I am licensed to teach grades 7-12 with an Art endorsement in the state of Vermont and presently teach Jewelry & Metalsmithing, and have taught Printmaking & Intro to Art as well.


I offer one-on-one instruction in bladesmithing, pattern welding & jewelry techniques in my studio in Vermont. Instruction is tailored to your interests & abilities. I offer full days as well as two-hour weekly classes.


I am actively seeking more workshop opportunities.


Edited to update various information.

Edited by J.Arthur Loose
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From what I can tell, J would be a good choice, (I also couldnt tand to see the last poster every time I came to our forum),,,


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