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So this is the third sword I have started to make, and the first one I have finished. Completed this in 6 days at Matthew Parkinson's class here in Phoenix at Grizzly Ironworks.

First up, a pic of all the swords from the class and the Damascus sword that Matt brought with him as a model. Mine is second from the front.

Class shot V2.jpg

The full shot.

Full sword 2.jpg

The handle/hilt

Finished handle 2.jpg

And the pointy end.

Ponty end 2.jpg

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Nice job!  I really like the pommel.  What are the stats, steel, size, weight?  Thanks for sharing.

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From memory: 1084 Blade length: 27.5" Width at guard:1.5" OAL 35" Weight: 2 pounds, 12.5 ounces

Our local Blacksmith association is having a Winterfest event this weekend in Tucson and I will not be attending. So, I lent the sword to the guys at Grizzly Iron to put on the Show & Tell table.

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