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Michael Bergstrom

Back at it! New pieces finally!

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My life has been all over the map the last few months, I relocated my shop which shut me down for a month, and then I really needed to focus on film work. But the shop is back up and running and wanted to share a few pieces I've been working on. I also have a WIP dirk I'll try and update as I build it further out, I'll start a new thread for that. I've really missed cruising the forums and working, but life is finally settling back down into a normal routine (or as normal as my life gets). But I like sharing and showing work. Still trying to build a lot of skills. 

First up, some swords! 

Type XVI. 5160 blade, mild steel hilt, handle is popular core, cord wrapped with a dyed leather covering. Pommel is concave with a peen block. Hilt has a patina to mimic case hardening.


Migration sword. This has a story behind it. I built this with patina in the handle to match the blade. I did the weapons for the braveheart follow up called "Robert the Bruce" starring Angus Macfayden, Jared Harris, Zach McGowan and Anna Hutchinson, this blade was a hero blade used in the film. I kept all the original patina and edge damage that it took during the fight sequences. The blade was retired and I rehilted it when I got home. Materials are brass and oak burl with a bronze pommel cap, handle is diver salvaged oak from Lake Superior (Thanks Scott Roush!), historical construction with rivets and the pommel cap riveted on over the peen.


Swiss longsword, big ol' blade, but the star is the handle. Gentle S curve with leaf details filed in, pommel is hollow ground with a brass rosette, handle is holly and brass. 


Some daggers and knives: 

Puuko inspired knife, Low layer blade, rosewood handle, ivory and brass. 


Roman utility knife with mammoth ivory handle. 


Dirk with Claro walnut burl handle and brass


A modern knife, my buddy in film wanted a California compliant fixed bladed knife that would be perfect for use on a film set. Did some file work on the top and bottom and gave it a nice mosaic pin. 



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46 minutes ago, Dave Stephens said:

You've been busy!

I like the XVI a lot.

Where's the new shop?


Seattle! Wife got a job down here, so splitting my time between Anchorage and Seattle now, thankfully it's a fast, easy flight. 

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Great stuff all round. The Viking is lovely.

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