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Working with Micarta / Phenolic and tool suggestions


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I have a slab of canvas micarta on the way. I have never worked with it before. What are the reccomended tools? Can I safely use my wood rasps and wood cutting blades (ie. table saw and router)?  Or should it be treated as 'metal'?

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It's much softer than, say, hickory or sugar maple, but it is a bit more abrasive.  Or can be, anyway.  As long as you use good bits with carbide edges they'll be fine.  Plain HSS bits may dull a little faster, but not dramatically so.

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Micarta *generally* works much the same as wood except I have noticed that it will squeeze your pins til they scream so oversize the drill bits by a couple of thousandths or dress the pins down in a drill press with 400G paper until they are just snug but can be easily removed with a pin drive.

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I find micarta much easier to work with than wood, much more forgiving on the tools.

That said I rarely use wood.

Pin holes I get a drill 0.1mm larger than the pin stock.

My micarta is home made, some materials can melt/smudge while working it, and otherwise great for gunking up belts.

Enjoy B)

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