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grinding jig best one i have seen


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I do not know if this is the correct place to put this or if it has been discussed here before, but here goes.  Alan if this is the wrong place put it where it belongs please, of if it can not be posted at all delete if need be.  I have tried to grind blades free hand and have ruined more than I have finished.  Granted that is not a whole lot but I just can not seem to get the hang of it.  I have made a couple of simple ones and they are a pain in the a**  so have thrown them away.  I used this one before painting it and found it very simple to use, and I am able to change sides of grinding very quickly with repeatable results.  I did not engineer this at all, Mr. Alexander Bol posted the video and plans on You Tube.  He states in the video that all welcome to use his idea as long as no one sells them.  He also is selling them already made for those that have the where withal to buy or the inclination not to make.  LOL  Being as I am technically challenged I do not know how to copy a link to this so best I can say is go to You Tube web sight search for Alexander Bol and in the results you will see the video.

This video by Alexander Bol on how to make and use a grinding jig is very comprehensive.  I have spent the last couple of days,  about 6 hours total making one.  I made it using some 3/8 in  thick aluminum, a couple of hinges, a turn buckle and various nuts and bolts.  I used only a jig saw, drill press/drill, hack saw, my home made 2x72 grinder, files, and my welder.  I used the welder to make a couple of brackets to hold the turn buckle.  The brackets could have been made from angle brackets but I went the hard way.  LOL  A couple of things that I am going to add are handles to hold on to while moving the blade across the grinder.  I am also going to buy a cheap white plastic cutting board from Wal Mart and put it on the bottom of the base plate.  It will make it easier to move on my grinder table.  Adjusting bevel angle is very easy, and the way the blade it held it makes it very easy to change sides and maintain same angle.

I am including some pictures of the one I made.







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2 hours ago, Alan Longmire said:

Looks good, Bob!  I don't use a jig myself, but they are handy for some.  

At least you didn't wrinkle your nose at it.  LOL  I have tried free hand and as you can see from the blade in the pic my lines leave something to be desired, especially on long blades.  I will continue to try honing my skills on shorter and thinner blades.  In the mean time this is the best of all the jigs that can be made without a mill and lathe that I have found.

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