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Brian Canary

The 'Baby Scimitar"

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Hello, I am new to the Forum and new to Bladesmithing. This is my very first Custom ordered knife which was completed this summer, 2018'.  The blade up to the guard/ricasso is 5.25 inches. there to the butt is 5. The customer has large hands so was made just for him. I forged it from a 1980 Camaro coil spring quenched in oil then etched in ferric chloride to show grain structure. Sorry the pics suck. It's my first run thru on taking them. They will be better next time. learned a lot from this project. 










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Interesting, should make a good blade! I tried to make a few out of rr spikes, that is a good idea to have the handle flattened but still wider than the blade, I want to try doing something similar to make "survival" knives that come wrapped in cord but are comfortable to use without the wrap.  I like the filework too!

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Thanks! The wood keeps me warm. It's all I got. I had to upset quite a bit to get enough mass for belly. I figured the handle would need to be thicker to help accomodate the cord for a comfortable grip. Next up is a field dressing blade....for me.

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