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Brent Theobald

Diesel Forge for Community Maker Space

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I've have wanted a forge at our maker space for years. There is a large demand for bladesmithing. I'd like to build a large-ish forge to accommodate a variety of projects. We have access to plenty of oil burning furnace parts here in New England. I like that diesel is more convenient and safer to handle than propane. Can anyone suggest a set of plans for a forge that would meet this criteria? We have a CNC plasma cutter and welding equipment. So it won't be too difficult to fabricate once a design is decided upon.

Thank you,


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The only ones I have seen were just a complete furnace burner stuck into a firebrick box.  One was rectangular, the other was circular.  I have an oil burner sitting in the shop awaiting such a purpose myself, although it might end up firing a crucible furnace.  That said, you may want to think about ceramic fiber blanket rather than firebrick.  Hard brick is both a heat sink and a radiant heat monster once it's hot; soft brick is fragile and totally non-resistant to flux.  As in melts like styrofoam.  An oil burner can easily exceed the heat tolerance of the wool, though, so best to line it with a castable or rammable refractory that can handle 3000 degrees.  

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