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Question regarding a forged finish with a stonewash

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I am not sure on the terms you are using, but acid is useful mainly when trying to differentiate laminated dissimilar steels, or derusting rusty blades. If by stone washing, you mean tumbling or blasting with ceramic media and the like, I don't see the point of acid, as long as your blade is degreased. Looks like you made a bayonet.

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Copy of a M9 bayonet?

Not sure about the timing of using acid, but the more consistent the finish before tumbling or blasting, the more consistent the finish when you’re done. Tumbling and blast media won’t hide deep stray scratches, etc.

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hey thanks for the comments guys, 


I did mean tumbling sorry 


I ended up etching it to clean off some of the scales, then i tumbled it for about 10 mins by hand. this's currently what it looks like. 


I'm going for a battle-scarred m9 bayonet from Counter strike source, the last photo 


I will be doing a leather stacked handle instead of the fiber glass micarta they normally have. what do you guys think of its current look ?





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