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Support my son - :) - Buzzard - US-Inspired multitool EDC Neck Knife

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My name is José, many of you already know me as a folding knife artisan from Spain. I have been posting my folders for a some time and I have the honor of counting many of you as my friends.


Today I am posting something unusual, I am here to try to get a bit of help for my close friends from Hydra Knives, in fact, the company has been funded by my son and they are fighting hard to earn a piece of the cake. They are a new Spanish cutlery brand trying to launch their products to the market, however, starting a new business is never an easy thing so they are lacking of enough funding.


They decided to start their brand showing the world their new knife, an U.S-Inspired multitool EDC neck knife. It is available on Kickstarter and it would be amazing if you could lend me a hand here and share their work.


I know this knife might not be of everyone taste, I trully do, I better than anyone (I make replicas of Spanish folding knives from XIX centuary) know that, anyway please, just give it a try.


The most exposure they can get the best, and if you like the knife you can support their project as well on Kickstarter.They sent this knife out for testing to already 30 testers worldwide (some of you pretty famous YouTubers and other stuff for modern people I don't know about haha)


I wouldn’t ask you all guys if this wasn’t important to me, thanks a lot for your big love, and I will come soon with more of my folding knives :)


P.S: For those who don't know me yet you can visit my website as well or my threads (and related threads) :).

Thanks a lot in advance you all, have an amazing weekend!







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