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First multi-layer blade

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This is the first successful multi-layer blade that I've been able to make.  It started out as .015" thick 1095 shim stock, and .032" thick high carbon pallet strapping.  Both were rescued from the scrap dumpster at work.  I welded it up into a billet of 13 layers just to see what would happen.  I lost a few layers along the way, but I've always been a fan of the low layer look anyway.  The blade is 4" to the plunge lines and .125" thick, OAL is 9".  The handle is home stabilized black walnut and African blackwood with a spacer from the 1095 shim stock.  I tried a few new things with the handle, some I'm happy with and others I'm not.  The shape of the handle is a little off, it fits the hand nice but doesn't really feel like it "belongs" there.  I tried to put an epoxy ring around the handle pin by counterboring the outside of the pin hole.  This turned out to be a bad idea as I didn't get the counterbore centered. Overall I guess I would say that it turned out OK.




As always, any and all comments and critiques are welcome.  Thanks for looking!



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I also like that low layer look and overall shape of the blade!  Take it with a grain of salt since I have small hands and a probably excessive tendency toward stumpy handles, but if it was me  I would cut off the knob at the end of the handle. Not sure how it would affect the feel, but think it would improve the look of the handle/blade proportions.  Sheath is nicely done too. 

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Thanks for the input!  Handle size/shape is something that I typically struggle with.  Sometimes I feel I get it right, and other times it's just not quite there.

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