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12th Annual Fire and Brimstone Hammer-In

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Fire and Brimstone 2019 will be March 23-24th this year ( one week post the Antique Arms Show in Baltimore)

12 years seems impossible. Such great friendships have been made and amazing food eaten!

In additional to the 3 running hammers (2B Nazel, Bradley 100 and Iron Kiss 75) we have a huge 7 by 9 15 hp rolling mill.


There is a nice new slab over at the jewelry shop for cooking BBQ and sand casting!  (dont ask me how thats related)

Let us know what works for you guys as to any additional setup and demos.

Something you would like to see? Post it here and we will add everything we can.

We will be limiting attendance to 60. Registration will be $75 for the entire weekend to offset our costs. Vendors and tailgating is encouraged at no additional fee and will have separate parking, trailers allowed.

Please let us know if you plan to bring anything that will need forklifting and we will have one available.

Please visit our site http://www.fireandbrimstone.com We will update the event section over this next week. Feel free to use the registration sheet as is in case you get there before us.

The site will include accommodations, Schedule, and Artists/Demonstrators. We are still rebuilding the site but it is live now and registration is open. I will be talking to the local hotel to see if we can get group rates. Breakfast and lunch are provided, grills are open for anything you wish to bring or share! Camping is encouraged but weather in Maryland is always suspect! The later dates should help us out quite a bit. The first year we had snow, 2nd year it was down right warm and sunny, 3rd well we had a little water, 4th Having a roof makes all the difference!!.... There are bathrooms(spot-a-pots) but no showers.


Rick Janney will be in charge of sand casting and we will be doing trial runs for the TV show castings during the event






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Hoping to be able to make it out this year. I was trying to get onto the site but I keep getting an error message. Wanted to throw my name into the mix before it's too late.


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I wish I could make it this year.... But I will most certainly be back.


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Damn, I want to be there, but my oncologist says I shouldn't, not strong enough.  Kidney cancer that moved into my lungs.  Immunotherapy

caused pancreatitis and I'm now temporarily on insulin for diabetes.  But the lung cancer seems to be shrinking.  Just spent 8 days in ICU.

Enjoy the weekend.  Good Lord willing, I'll see you all next year.  Smelt away!!

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I can confirm a special surprise this year with a slightly differnt menu. Hope you guys will enjoy it. -Doug



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