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Overtime my belly has gotten bigger and my bowies have gotten smaller. There was a time when my bowie blades were as long or longer than this bowie at 13" overall. This one has a 8 1/2" 52100 blade and an ebony handle. I salvaged 1/4" steel from a salvaged car part and used that to make the S guard. The other fittings are wrought iron. 



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19 hours ago, Fox Creek said:

Very nice indeed.  have not seen you post on-line in a long time.  'hope all is well and hearty.

I'm doing fairly well now. Got hit with several getting old issues. Right wrist had been a problem for years and then my right shoulder went. Got the shoulder fixed in 2016 and the right wrist fused in 2017. Things are starting to work better now plus my interest in making knives has come back. Are you still making?



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Top quality frontier Bowie that got jiggy with an Indo- Persian kard, and this is its pup!

Very flowing and clean lines, while still screaming hand made. Looks both old and made for a very serious task. 

Love it.

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