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Very first blade

Martin Tiney

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Hi guys I'm new to the forum have only been making knives for a couple of months, I thought you might want to see my first attempt, 

 Made from 1075+cr and hardened and tempered in my converted gas cylinder coal forge. Forge scale was left on intentionally as I though it was "different" 

The scales are special to me, the were made from an oak branch that was cut from a tree in my garden, the tree was grown from an acorn about 25 years ago by my son, so as I said special to me. 

I gave the knife to my son this Christmas and he loves it

I've started the next project a Tanto, but with 6 bevels to file and get symmetrical it's proving to be quite a B #@ch! Perhaps I should have finished the belt grinder first!! 



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A very usable knife and with the personal connection thought the scales I am sure he will treasure it.

Von Gruff


The ability to do comes with doing.



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I did cheat A little with this knife :rolleyes:, I downloaded a template from  dcknives.blogspot.com ( HOPE I DON'T GET INTO TROUBLE FOR THAT !), it's not exactly the same, a little longer / wider etc,

The 1075 was a treat to work with, just using hand tools and it tempered really well. 

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The 1075/1080 steel is extremely easy to heat treat.  Look for descalene and then pull it out and quench.  Simple.  It's a decent looking knife and I doubt you would get into trouble for downloading and following off a knife template the only way I could see you possibly get in trouble for it is if it's trade marked and you were to sell it.  That would be the only way.

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