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For Sale $1000 obo: 8" Double Integral 120 layer Gyuto.

Stephen Dowden

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$1000 obo

*Hand forged 120 Layer 1080/15n20 damascus.

*8" blade

*4.5" handle.

*Front and rear integral bolsters.

*Precision machined stabilized padauk wood handle for a pinless construction

*0.110" thick spine with full distal taper

*2" wide heel

I am a professional cook of 15 years who added bladesmithing to my set of skills. I used this knife on the line in a fast paced fine dining kitchen setting (day job) before making final adjustments. I tried to design this to last a cook their entire career and hopefully become an heirloom with proper care. The price tag represents the 40+ hours it took to make it, but i feel confident that its worth every penny. Cheers!











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