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After a looong break, back to the forge.

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Hey guys,

its been a long time without any knifemaking for me. (something around 1 year) i was not in the mood. i dont realy understand why, but hey! sometimes you need even from the best hobby in the world a break. 

anyway, i made me a small blade for my belt. and it was great fun to me. and i think im hooked again. allready cant wait to forge again.



its made from C100 steel with ebony scales.  a sheath is already in work. hope to post some pics in the next days.






and a little video for entertainment. 


thank you for your attention and have a nice day!


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On 4/7/2019 at 10:30 AM, Charles du Preez said:

That looks like a nice little EDC. How big is it?

Hey Charles,

this is a pretty small blade with just 5 cm cutting edge. the overall lenght is 14cm. i carry it for some days now and it comes very handy.

its small enough to pull it out in public to open a box without making people nervous ;)


cheers, Geko


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