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First kitchen knife

C.j. Santos

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Well, at last it is almost finished, it needs to be sharpened, as it is a gift for my brother, I am going to take it to be sharpened by a professional.

 This has been an interesting project because it is the first time I do many things that I had not done before.

 It's the first time I make a knife of this "kitchen" and more "Japanese" style, that I make a hidden tang knife and that I make a handle for this type of knives, that I make a handle composed of several materials and the first  Once I use ebony.

 The knife is made of semi-stainless steel D2, 9,8 in total long, 4.3 of handle, 5.5 blade and 5.t in of edge with 1 in wide and 0,13 in.

 The handle is composed of red heart and ebony wood with separator of brass.  It is wider at the end becoming narrower towards the leaf.

 The adjustment of the blade and the handle is not perfect but I think that to be the first time I do it I think it's not bad.

 Well, actually there is a lot to improve but, in general, I am quite happy with it considering that I'm just an amateur

 A greeting







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The handle turned out really nice - I like the way the different materials compliment each other.

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Not bad. I like the handle too.

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