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Small Santoku-ish For The Mrs.

Eric Morgan

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I just put the oil on the handle, but here’s a little kitchen knife I made for my wife. She has small hands (she’s only 4’11” lol), so it is a perfect fit, though I think I might get my own fair share of use out of it. 


I forged this little guy out of 3/4” O1 round stock, 304 Stainless bolsters with 316L stainless pins, and red fiber spacers. The handle is Black Walnut crotch.


This knife is by no means perfect, but I intend to use my mistakes, and whatever I did well on this one to further increase quality. For some unknown reason, when I was cutting the pin for the bolster, I went ahead and put them on before I finished sanding the front faces. Since the pin was bradded already, I was afraid I wouldn’t be able to drill it out to redo it. I also have some scratches near the plunge line that I didn’t get cleaned up. Anyway, here is...








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