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boring axe-stuff...

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As you may guess by the above comment, I found the time to watch the second one, and am even more impressed!  I had heard of, but never seen, an axe steeled that way.  And I used to forge with a corncob pipe in my mouth quite a bit. B)

I rewatched the first one and saw this


Different guys, I think; definitely different methods.  Towards the end they show a wide variety of traditional Swedish axe forms. 

Sorry for the hijack, Jake, I just could't resist!

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I love when Dahlgren dips his hammer in water repeatedly around the 6 minute mark in the first video and puffs of steam shoot out. 

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14 hours ago, jake pogrebinsky said:

The man in this video is thought to be Carl Frederik Dahlgren.

This video was astounding. I loved it when he rested his left knee on the horn, held the tongs on his thigh and used a hot cutter and hammer. 

5 hours ago, Alan Longmire said:

Different guys, I think; definitely different methods. 

These guys ain't messin' around!.


An Jake is absolutely correct about the tong-hand functions. Watch these vids and focus on what the tong-hand does. I was flabbergasted.

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Totally,guys...I'm so happy you dig these crazy obscure documentaries!

I can only sign under everything said above...My favorite scenes from Wira are also when he welds the blade on,and cuts it on the hardie the Same heat!:)...I also Really like that he takes that flat-stock,1/2"-ish stuff originally,and handles it in such a manner that after welding and largely shaping the eye,he Still had enough in the poll-end to suddenly forge it up over the anvil-edge into a decent,massy squared-off poll....

Yes,there's tons and Tons of most valuable data there,SO much to learn...Thanks,Alan,yes,those other guys are great too,also very important clues to SO much there...

God is in his heaven,and Czar is far away...

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21 hours ago, Alan Longmire said:

It IS,Alan,for sure...

Frankly,i have a number of puzzling moments reading the description of their process...

BUT,power to them,for sure,my blessings on Anyone trying to produce axes,my nit-picking criticism is neither here nor there...

Darn it all,guys,my day-job is really catching up now,i've pried myself out of the forge,and will soon do a Cheshire Cat on the forum...:(...Though i still hold a glimmer of hope to ht some of the later forgings...(how i'd love to hang at least one,and swing it a time or two,but that's probably out of the question:()

God is in his heaven,and Czar is far away...

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