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I'm a potato when it comes to making knives...

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If the blade has inconsistent thickness, like a big lumb or an hourglass shape it will be much harder to flatten.

If the piece is flat and consistent thickness it should just take a few taps up and down the blade on each side to straighten it. 

If the tip is wider to one side all straightening is going to do is push it to the other side.

Flats and tapers need to be consistently flat or tapered.

Same goes for bevels, Its easy for me to get a blade edge straight with flat bevels, absolutely not if the bevels are convex. I say its easy because a lumpy shape is complex but a smooth blade is pretty much just a pyramid, maybe with a rectangle (if thats your thing).

 think about it like a computer, you want a low polygon count or else you will fry your brain.



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