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Tengu Forge Bowie with Hamon

joe pierre

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Bowie with hamon in W2. Copper fittings with antler. The plan for the hamon was for it to look like flame -- I'm pretty happy with how it turned out.

I've been in semi-retirement from bladesmithing now that I'm a father with a full-time job.  I miss bladesmithing.  This is my last unfinished project with help from Josiah Boomershine completing the polish and Two Drunken Celts doing the sheath.

I got a lot of help from folks here on the handle assembly -- much thanks forumites!

46748284375_ebeeed3122_k.jpgIMG_2761 by drjoe4, on Flickr

46939929904_71523cfcac_k.jpgIMG_2733 by drjoe4, on Flickr

32721396977_6d832ae9da_k.jpgIMG_2747 by drjoe4, on Flickr

40697497163_465b1aaadc_k.jpgIMG_2751 by drjoe4, on Flickr

47664129531_c038c4a510_k.jpgIMG_2750 by drjoe4, on Flickr

47664038891_7b89a45a30_k.jpgIMG_2749 by drjoe4, on Flickr

47664038211_b036b68735_z.jpgIMG_2757 by drjoe4, on Flickr

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