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Buffalo Forge Blower

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I found 2 Buffalo Forge blowers today. Both are locked up but one will turn about a quarter turn. I don't think they are the same size or model so couldn't use one for parts. What is one worth? The owner said he would take $50 for the one that will turn a little. Seems a waste if it can't be repaired. What are your thoughts?

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In good shape they go for $100 - $150.  Usually they can be freed up with a little soak in kerosene or something similar to dissolve the congealed goo.  I use one that was totally locked up after spending 25 years as a lawn ornament.  A few shots of PB B'laster and some degreaser and it works good as new.  

The key to remember with these things is DO NOT try to take the gearbox apart.  The lid comes off, and you can open the fan housing if you need to to straighten or replace the vanes.  Take the lid off and check for broken gears/missing teeth.  Broken gears are the death knell, they can't be replaced.  If the gears look okay, once you have all the old crud soaked off give it a spin.  Use plenty of degreaser and penetrant in the bearings, they are not sealed and will need the old oil goo blasted out.  Most of these have a bolt that takes up the slack in the main shaft, make sure this is not too tight.  They also have a direction they prefer to turn after years of use, this is easy to figure out.  If you need a new counterweight for the crank handle those are easy enough to make.  

Finally, once you have it free, fill the crankcase to just above the bottom of the lowermost gear with the lightest motor oil or power steering fluid you can find.  Do not use gear oil, that's way too heavy.  The oil rides the teeth up the gear train and splashes on the other gears, then runs out the bearings front and back.  What they call a total loss lubricating system.  Keeps the bearings free by washing out any grit that gets in.  

I love mine and wouldn't switch it out for an electric blower for anything.  They make fine control of heat and forge atmosphere easy, plus they give your left hand something to do and force you to stay by the forge so it's less likely you'll burn something up.  They also use less fuel than electric blowers since they stop when you let go.  

Somewhere around here there are pictures of mine, a Lancaster #1.  If I can find the thread I'll post a link.

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