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First Damascus Knife

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My first attempt at multi layer Damascus, I chose low layer twist on a modified cleaver. 
15 layers of 1084 and 15n20 dry welded by hand and a homemade press with a 20ton air/hydraulic jack. I got down to 1.5” square then cut my end off to check the welds.
I BBQ quite a bit and wanted a cleaver shaped blade to slice with. I welded and forged out a billets my shop, then went to a hammer in hosted by DanGraves to pick his brain and use some of his toys to do the real work. Handle is Buckeye Burl that I picked up at the Arkansas Knife Show. OAL is just shy of 14” and a cutting edge of 8.5”. I made some mistakes along the way but am pleased with where I ended up. IIRC this is knife 21 for me.
It sliced a brisket and ham Easter Sunday like a champ.
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Sadly yes, sort of. The pin hole was drilled in the tang correctly but I gouged the scales and had to grind out quite a bit of material under the front pin. 

Also had some etching issues, my typical jar wouldn’t accommodate the knife so I foolishly tried to insert and etch then flip and etch the other side which resulted in a pretty substantial overlap line. I cleaned it up but not as good as I should have. I ended up pouring my etchant in a shallow pan and laid the blade down in it which worked but I should have had a better plan. 

Im thinking about trying some aluminum black on the pins I don’t like the way they clash.

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