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Heat cycle, heat treatment, quench, temper

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On 4/26/2019 at 7:57 PM, Alan Longmire said:

This appears as a bright line that moves from the edge back into the spine, caused by the emission of photons when the crystalline phase shifts back.    These are quantum phenomena that can't be faked.  The class got a kick out of it once they saw it for themselves, and I told them they were now practicing quantum physics without a license.  

Dude, I want to take your class for that line alone. :-)


I'll have to watch for the shadow effect next time I'm heating a blade.  The more I learn here, the more I think the instructors at my forge don't know what they're doing.  (We use room temperature quenching oil salvaged from local fast food restaurants. High class operation, I know.)

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