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An EDC for my daughter

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I was forging last week, and knocked out this smallish EDC sort of blade... my oldest daughter came over and asked to see it after it cooled down. When she picked it up, she told me how much it fit her hand... “like a redneck Cinderella” :lol:

After that, I just had to finish it up for her to have.  I had forged in bevels about 2/3rds of the way up the blade, but decided to go to a full flat during grinding. 

I started with 3/16” x 1-1/2” 1095 barstock

the blade ended up right at 3”, with 1/8” G10 scales and purple construction paper (ended up being around .030-.040” compressed) liners. 

I used a bit of Rutland furnace cement to have a differential HT, but wasn’t expecting an actual hamon I guess... I ended up hand sanding to 400 grit on both the blade and handle, then a quick light coat of danish oil on the handle that I wiped the excess back off of and used some paste wax to finish it out. 








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Is that shaded area ahead of the handle where you put your furnace cement or did you get an auto-hamon?  Regardless, I'm sure your daughter will love that knife.


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I also forgot to put in my post that I did three normalizing cycles on the blade as best as I was able to by color in the muffle pipe. The first one I waited til the shadows ran to the spine and were gone, the second was a couple shades cooler, and the last I tried to catch it just as the blade was barely starting to have any color. Then I quenched into warmed canola oil from decalescent. Tempered at 400* for two 1-hr cycles.

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