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Aiden CC

Cheese Knives

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I haven't had much time for knives lately, but did manage to work in this project. I did it with a team of three other people for an end of semester mini-project for a materials science class. I think this video introduces it pretty well:

The knives are made from mild steel carburized with either Cabot seriously sharp cheddar or pecorino romano cheese. We made a total of six. Credit to my friend Ricky for the video editing as well as the design of the knife.


This is some of the cheddar after we pyrolized it. Half of the blades were carburized with powdered cheese charcoal and the other half with straight cheese. Both methods yielded similar results.


We packed everything in stainless foil pouches and soaked at 925 C for five hours. Unforunately the cheddar charcoal pouch deteriorated and let in air which led to a slightly lower carbon content than the others. We also put a dogbone tensile specimen in each pouch and have some mechanical data I may put in a post in the metallurgy section of this forum.


The grinding and polishing was all done with a bench grinder. I still have an un-ground blank I'm going to put a proper grind on in my own shop. Still, for a rush job with people who were just learning how to make knives, I think these turned out pretty good.


The handle scales are galalith, a casein based plastic. This greatly increased the dairy content of the knives. The steel is about 0.4-0/5% cheese by weight from my best approximation (again, the materials analysis may have its own thread at some point). This stuff is very soft and brittle and supergluing scales together for drilling ended up to cause a lot of problems.


Here's a finished knife. I will probably post better pictures of the one I finish on my own later. Hope you enjoyed!

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That's just too cheesy...:lol:


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