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Hadn't been on in a week or so but yea I'm still alive HAHA

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Okay yea I haven't posted in a while.  I hadn't had much material except for an extremely thin strip of 15n20 and some left over scraps of 1084 I had.  So I cut some up gave a try at forging out damascus.  But I don't think I will ever be able to do this by hand ever.  Due to having a bad shoulder.  But I gave it another shot at least and I was able to finally get the forge out and running this morning.  So I think my next objective is to just stick to plain steel knives.  I've still gotta put in an order for steel.  Just wont be this month since I already broke the budget with other things i had to take care of.  Gah hate it when life gets in the way.  But I don't think Damascus steel and pattern welding will be for me at this point.




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