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Finished my forge

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If that 6 minutes was from first lighting to "cherry red", it's not too bad.  If the forge was already hot, that is pretty slow.  What kind of insulation did you use?  2 Burners in that size of a forge should be more than you need if it is insulated well.

BTW, "cherry red" would generally be considered pretty cold for forging.  Color is a difficult way to convey temperature from one person to the next, but you'll spend most of your time in the orange to yellow range.

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Remember that color of the heated steel depends a lot on ambient lighting.  Cherry red, which I've never seen in my forge, in bright light is probably a different temperature than cherry red appearing in subdued light after sun set.


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I don't know how much you've played with the burners yet, but it's worth choosing a fixed value for the gas pressure, letting the forge get to temperature, then making adjustments to the choke to see how that affects the temperature. 

Adjusting the choke should adjust the air:fuel ratio and with it the flame temperature. Adjusting the pressure should adjust the amount of flame you have. You'll adjust both in normal use, but it's worth spending half an hour or so early on just getting a feel for what does what.

Maximum flame temperature is reached at an air:fuel ratio that is close to stoichiometric. It's hotter than we usually want/need (well above the melting point of Iron) and "we" tend to run more fuel-rich and cooler. Running fuel-rich means that there is a reducing atmosphere in the forge that tends to grab any Oxygen before it can react with the workpiece to form scale. The partially-burned gases finish burning when they reach Oxygen in the air outside the forge and this is what gives the Dragons Breath.

It looks like you have a fair amount of adjustment available both ways. Opening the chokes should get the forge hotter, closing the chokes should make it cooler. A hotter flame should also get it to any given temperature faster.


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