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Sean McWilliams

Scientific Testing Proves the Value of Edge Packing

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I'm using picture titles, not order of pictures, just to be clear.  

Photo#3 is completely worthless.  Not enough in focus and what is in focus isn't magnified nearly enough.  

Photo#2 isn't properly etched, but we can see where the carbides are, so at least there is that.  

Photo#4 has a better etch but it has a bit too much out of focus to be a ton of help.  

All three pictures aren't magnified as much as would be good to do a carbide fraction analysis.  And really, we should be looking at the edge and the spine of a a single blade, to see if there are more carbides per area due to the processing.  

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I have cropped and zoomed in on a section of Photo#2.  I have put red circles around some (but certainly not all) of the carbides.  The blue arrows are pointing to stuff that is the same color as the carbides, but is in fact not carbide.  You can see that all of the carbides have a defined black edge to them; this is from the etching process.  I tried to run it through the software (ImageJ) to have it automatically identify them, but the image quality is not good enough.  


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