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Hello Everyone,

I am working with Scott Rodell. He designs them, I make them. I can only make two or three per year. Here is the latest. I hope you like it!

coin jian colwell and rodell.jpg


coin jian guard and scabbard throat.jpg

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thanks everyone! Alan - yes, I am always working. I spend about 20 hours per week making stuff. It just takes a long time to do each one now. But, it is a blast.

I am good with brazing now, and love the fact that so much brass was used in the traditional stuff. It is such a great metal to work with. 


Sure, there are iron/steel fittings, too. But, I already got to work with steel a lot!

take care,


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Bit late to this party but just wanted to say I really like this one. Good work there.

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