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Eric Morgan

First Fillet Knife

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Friend of mine who is a woodworker asked me if I would make him a fillet knife, and a couple blade blanks ready for him to put scales onto and give as gifts. All he told me was that he wanted a 6” blade. 

I had recently gotten some 15n20 from a member here and used some to rough this out. It’s only .070 or so thick, so I’m going to HT these at full thickness and grind the bevels in afterward. 


Anyway, and obvious design issues that you see here? I am going to file in a choil so the sharpened edge has a clean termination. 


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I like the blade profile.  The slightly upswept tip should do the job well.  The only thing I would say would be to put a temporary handle on it to make sure that the profile of the handle can be made to feel comfortable in the hand before you turn the blades over to your friend.

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