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KITH - Friction folder.

Robert D.

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So this is the knife I decided to do for the KITH. Its no where near as intricate as Brian's slipjoint by any means, but I am going to try my dangest to push on hamon development on this one so that it is worthy. 

W2 steel, Surinam Ironwood for the handle scales with stainless liners. I am going to place teflon spacers on it because the action on it causes scratches to the flats of the blade. Got a few other blades made from the same stock that I am going to heat treat this weekend so I can pick a hamon process I want to use for this one. It will have fully hidden pins other then the pivot pin. I made it a lot further into the making process before I started taking pics so there really isnt a WIP to this, but as it sits now I can at least show the process I take to finish it up. 

I actually have 4 of these in progress right now, this one just seemed the best fit for the KITH. 





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I think you have a well engineered design Robert and with 4 in progress it’s working for you. Anyone would be tickled to own this Kith!

Gary LT

"I Never Met A Knife I Didn't Like", (Will Rogers)

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I goofed the design during the paper mock up phase, which is why it has two stop pins, however since the goal was to go with hidden pins in the handle, I am thinking 2 pins might actually be more structurally sound then just one as my plan is to very VERY carefully epoxy them into place during final assembly.  Also still trying to decide between peening or using a pivot pin and screws, have both on hand I just dont know which one I want to try yet. 


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