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FL Forge EDC's

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About a week ago I received my maker's mark stamp from Steel Stamps Inc. they did great work and we're really fast getting my order done, one week from the time I finalized my order to the time it was shipped out. 

These knives are the first to have the FL Forge official mark on them.

The first is 1080 steel with walnut scales, brass pins and black fiber liners.it measures 5 1/2" overall, with a 2 3/4 blade. If I had to change something about this one, I would put less of a kink in the handle to make it easier to use the back part of the blade.

The second one is also 1080 steel, with a brass guard, red fiber spacer and African Blackwood. I am super happy with how the color contrast came out in the handle. The overall length is 5", with a 2 1/4" blade.

As always input and critiques are more than welcomed.








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Actually, I like both of them.  Following the arc of the spine of the blade through the top of the handle is very attractive.  You  also did some very good file work on the spine of the tang.  Try using it for a bunch of different things and that design might grow on you.

I agree with Mr. Brewer that the one with African Blackwood really stands out.  I have to say I'm a little curious about how you formed the handle.  It looks like it just about have to be a stick tang going through the brass bolster and into the handle.  How did you attach it?


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15 hours ago, Clifford Brewer said:

I'm likin the blackwood handled one ..............B)

Kinda makes the other one look plain.:)

8 hours ago, Doug Lester said:

You  also did some very good file work on the spine of the tang. 

Thank you. That is actually the first file work I've ever done on a knife.

On the configuration of the second one, it is a hidden tang and I just took a silver dollar sized piece of brass, slotted a hole in the middle of it and soldered it on.

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