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So this just happened

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Id like to credit this award to all the foundation work and help i acquired over the last couple years directly from this forum! Without you guys I don't know how far i would have progressed but i wouldn't be where i'm at for sure. Anyway, Im still in shock.  I wanted to show and give credit to Alan and salem and the other 100 guys on here that have given me A LOTTTT of their time answering dumb questions. Also, to encourage the newer guys to keep cranking out stuff and trying and making knives! 

320 layers Laddered (appears random until you see the chatoyance) -trippy

forged integral

2.5" tall at the heel
9.25" long

5 stack of g10 spacers

5.5 oz



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Hey Gabriel. Been wondering what you’ve been up to. Good things I see. Congrats man.

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Simply beautiful and deserving of the award. Congratulations.

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