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Leafspring from a Hilux that got a suspension upgrade close to new, while making the sheath I found out it's 6mm at the guard and 6.5mm at that Lynn Thompson  tip.

Hollow ground to decently thin, I may have posted a facebook video referencing piercing taxi bonnets as well as shaving.......manly bits :P

Had an idea, took a while but the sheath is flat linen micarta, the same linen I used for the handle, only rolled. Doesn't match, but it works.

Leather frog by my dad, he turns 74 on Sunday, and they need to reset his ticker tomorrow, heart issues, thoughts and prayers appreciated.






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Thanks guys.

4 hours ago, Doug Webster said:

The leather belt strap is a great idea.   I may steal your design some day. 

You are more than welcome, but I was under the impression that's called a frog.......not an original idea. :)

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