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My finished hamon blade.

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Been working on this one for a while, I probably reetched it and polished it enough to finish 6 blades. 

W2 steel ( Aldo's ) with peened brass bolsters and Black Palm scales with Brass pins.  As you can see I got a bit of cleanup to do on the blade as it did get a bit of gunk under the tape while I was working on the handle then I am going to buff the handle and bolsters and sharpen this one up and give it a whirl. 





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I am honestly most impressed with how nice that handle looks, I tried to work black palm once and I said never again. I really like it, looks like a joy to use for sure!

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As I was sanding the handle I kept telling myself I should have went with Ebony instead because I was not liking the way it was turning out, but I decided to try the CA glue anyways just to see how it would turn out. I had a similar issue with a Lacewood handle I did on another knife that i did the CA glue trick on and I went from not liking it to loving it and deciding to possibly keep the knife for myself I liked it so much. 

But alas, I need money so I will have to sell this one. 

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8 hours ago, Robert D. said:

I sanded it up to 1200g and then and then coated it in CA glue and then sanded it off. even at higher grits it still had some pitting to it that I was not a fan of. 

Wet sand at 350grit in the finishing with the  handle wetted with  BLO. Sanding will fill in the pits or open grin cells. and then as you finish finer it will be smooth.

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Has the black palm been stabilized? I personally would never use that stuff without stabilizing it first. Even when stabilized it is a pain to work with. Make sure to watch out for warping as well, I've had a lot of issues with some of my stock warping in moisture and temperature changes, occasionally enough to break epoxy bonds on the handle.

The knife looks great though, I really like the color scheme and am totally digging the bolster, nice execution there.

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