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New Project Still a lot to do Some forging this morning :) W I P


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So I started working on a new blade with the 1 1/2 wide material.  I actually like this better than the 2 inch wide.  I'll save the 2 inch wide order some 15N20 at the same width for damascus.  How ever I did start forging out the tang first and it worked quite well.  I still gotta refine the tang I left it a bit thick so I could carve in a ricasso before it hits the blade.  But I think a lot of reading watching videos I think this is finally working to the way I want the steel to go.  OOOOOF its been so hot over the last week here I didn't even want to light the forge.  But at least I have plenty of steel to last a while now.  I also do really like where the tang is going and taking shape to.  The tang looks more kitchen knife like tang to me.  Anyhow any criticism is accepted cheers.  Hope you guys have  a good weekend.  Yea just been busy with IRL stuff.





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@Bruno I've been pretty busy with things but I still gotta straighten out the tang of that knife so its gotta go under the fire again I'm probably gonna do that tomorrow or Saturday.  I've just been going a heck of a lot slower with this blade since this one will actually be going to a friend of mine that's yes a gamer and a Twitch Live streamer LMFAO.  She found out that I did this kinda stuff just for fun.  So I gotta make it look extra clean and good I wont be putting any high mirror shine on it.  But I don't want it to look like crap either.  I'm still trying to work out how I'm going to get the tang to seat correctly into the scales since I'm using scales again and not blocks of wood.  But I'm slowly learning.  With this one I actually forged out the tang first I cleaned up the back end of the blade with the angle grinder and cleaned up the rest of the blade with the angle grinder to discover I gotta straighten the tang LOL.  I ooofed just a little bit.  Sorry for the delayed reply just been busy.

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